Amar Sen's literary streak started from a short story published in a vernacular magazine of repute in his early teens (Nagardola in Bhashan mag). His spheres of interest included poetry - both rhythmic and arhythmic, prose - especially short stories, plays, scripts and ofcourse songs.

He is still a poet of considerable repute in the poetry circles of Kolkata. Many of his poems having been published in many magazines and a book being published of 21 of his selected poems.

The songs that he has written, often with his own music and often in collaboration with other artists, have been sung in countless occasions by him and others. His plays being major draws in his early days of group theatre (see performing arts)

Apart from atopical literature. He has also written a weekly column in one of Kolkata's leading dailies (Bartman) on handshadowgraphy (Esho Shikhi Hater Chhaya, 2005-06)