As he puts it, his life revolves around music, with singing still being the passion he holds closest to himself. Amar Sen hails from a family of celebrated singers, starting from the famous poet Sadhak Ramprasad Sen, to his grandmother who was an exponent of the tappa style of vocal delivery. Mostly self-taught, he also has had professional guidance from the exponents Smt. Chitralekha Chowdhuri and Smt. Indulekha Ghosh.

He started singing on stage from a very early age and earned himself a reputation as a specialist singer of Bengali classics and Old Hindi Masters. Since then he's performed in countless programmes all over India and abroad. He's even had a string of exclusive performances produced by major organizations (e.g. Sonar Sur Sonar Gan by Sopan).

There are a number of songs he's written that have been adapted by quite a few modern singers. He is known for his direct approach to songwriting and for his complex structuring of music.

He plays the keyboard fluently in the Harmonium style as it is most fitting to the genre of songs he sings. He also has a keen interest in contemporary classical music.